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Thursday, January 20, 2011

swim against the current

I was inspired by Christine over at bun&borough to share my "currently" list with you guys so here it is! This is me riiiight this very second. Happy Hump Day!

eating/drinking: nothing i just had dinner. have you guys ever had sugar snap peas? Obsessed

listening to: new stuff by Avril Lavigne called "What the Hell." So random, I know. Like where did she come from? Surprisingly catchy

lamenting: the fact that it's still winter. so over this season.

pondering: what to wear on my last first day of classes. don't judge! I like to plan ahead...

wearing: this super cute bracelet I bought the other day on sale!

anticipating: going back to school this weekend and seeing people again

baking: ha, is that a joke? although I did make snickerdoodle cookies last night...

reading: True Prep by Lisa Birnbach

loving: my new earmuffs. walking to class blows when you feel like your ears are about to fall off

buying: textbooks (boo)

What are you guys up to? I'd love to see your "currently" lists!


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!!!!!! Cute blog Taylor! xoxox

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