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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

chronic tron-ic

Went to see Tron: Legacy today with the fam-jam and it. was. so. cool. Yes, I know this movie came out forever ago. Whatever. I mean, the plot wasn't great but I was so caught up in the costumes and special effects and the SOUNDTRACK that I was barely paying attention to the story line anyways. I'm a sucker for black and neon so these definitely caught my attention. Apparently, I wasn't the one who liked because there's actually like a Tron-inspired clothing collection by Opening Ceremony. It's a little bland for my taste but I can dig it. The soundtrack was so super good. The whole thing was done by Daft Punk and was probably my favorite part of the movie (minus that really cool car maze thing scene after Sam enters the grid). Did anybody else notice their cameo in the movie during the club scene? LOVED it.


Morgan I. said...

I've heard that it is really good but for some reason I haven't wanted to see it, I probably should!

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