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Saturday, September 3, 2011

wherefore art thou juliet?

Went to Verona on Tuesday and took waaaay too many pictures! The city is only about a 45 minute train ride from Vicenza and it was only like 10 euros round trip. If you guys ever go down to Juliet's hood make sure you purchase a VeronaCard which for 15 euros gives you access to about 13 museums, churches and other attractions, along with the use of inner-city buses. We didn't get to go to all the places that were available because we got tired of walking around (couldn't figure out the bus system), maybe about half, but it was totally worth the money. Even just 3 of the places on their own would have cost more than the 15 euro fee. Some of the places were beautiful (Chiesa de Annabella), some more painful (climbing the thousand steps to the top of the highest point in Verona) and some were totally overrated but fun because of it (Juliet's balcony). Stopped by some random cafe for lunch where I had delicious tortellini ragu (with meat sauce) and a glass of moscato. I probably won't go back on my own anytime soon but would LOVE to take friends there when they come to visit.

view from tallest building in verona

molesting the juliet statue...
apparently its good luck to rub them boobies


juliet's tomb...sans juliet.
must be hard to bury a fictional character

graffitti in juliet's tomb


juliet's balcony. so much little space

creepy painting from the 1700s

locks of love at juliet's balcony

wall of love at j-cap's place
(j-cap is juliet capulet...duh)

Friday, September 2, 2011

i can haz (goat) cheez?

Like I mentioned in my last post, on Monday I went to a goat cheese farm which was about as cool and smelly as one might imagine. I loved seeing the animals and sampling the different cheeses (which I forgot to take pictures of...whoops). We were able to try cheese from both cows and goats that had literally been made two days before along with fresh yogurt, which was surprisingly sour to my Yoplait-conditioned taste buds.

little baby cows

i watched this cat eat the entire rat...tail and all.
 it was surprisingly blood free

milking machine

cow with a nose ring amuses me more than it should

oh heyyyy goat


Thursday, September 1, 2011

go shawty itz yo burthday

happy belated birthday toooooo ME haha. Monday was my twenty-second birthday and I can't even believe I'm that old already. Like wasn't I just dancing around to the Spice Girls and watching Lizzie McGuire while wearing tie-dyed t-shirts...oh wait...that was last week? I didn't really do too much for my birthday given the fact that I'm still somewhat lacking in the people-my-age department (but I have made a few new friends so never fear!). It mostly consisted of a field trip to a goat cheese farm with my Italian class (pics to come...promise), babysitting and going out to dinner.

ALTHOUGHHHHH my parents totally threw me a surprise birthday party last Wednesday and I was actually totally surprised! The best part? I actually made my own birthday cake without even realizing what it is for. I tried making a cake from scratch for the first time ever and it actually turned out really well. I made that rainbow cake that's been doing the round on the interwebz and used this recipe from Martha Stewart and it turned out really well...even though I used containers of frosting instead of making that from scratch too (I'm only so ambitious alright?). They invited most of the people and families that we've met while in Italy and it was a really nice time, in a chill, family friendly environment that has come to define my time here.

hey batta batta batta

yum yum yolks layer burnt in the oven

ruh roh

ahhh i'm sorry! i have no idea where time has gone and i totally apologize for this mini blogging hiatus.

We will now return to your usual bloggy programming