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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

disposable is the new digital

In October, I went to go visit my best friend at Texas A&M and totally forgot my camera charger. Of course, I convinced myself that my camera was going to die within two hours and immediately freaked out. I decided to try doing things a little old school and ended up stopping by a Wal-Mart to pick up a double pack of disposable cameras. Needless to say, my digital camera was totally fine and I didn't even end up using the disposables while in College Station. Happy ending blah blah blah but that's not where the story ended. Fast forward a few weekends when I'm getting ready for a night out; I dug up my disposable and headed out for the night, using up all the film before 1 am. I felt like I was back in middle school with that thing (in a good way!) and people thought it was hilarious that I had a non digital camera. Well I finally got the camera developed today and I am in LOVE with the results! The pictures came out way better than I thought with absolutely NO blurriness or red eyes or anything. I don't even get those kind of results with my digital! I was kind of skeptical at first of not being able to immediately see the pictures but I actually ended up kind of liking the anticipation of it all. Plus I love that I now have hard copies of all these pictures without having to go through any extra steps. I have so many pictures that I always mean to print out but never actually get around to. These are all ready and raring to go...totally posting some of these bad boys up on my wall when I get back. Not going to lie though, uploading them to facebook was kind of a pain because I had to scan them all in then crop them to the right size blah blah blah but I def think it was worth it. Looks like I might have to put my trusty fujifilm into semi-retirement....

me and my little at our annual Great Gatsby Party
(as seen through the disposable)


alanna said...

how cute are you in that blue! i love the idea of a great gatsby party - we never did that!
digitals are soo fun...i def have 3 or 4 sitting around from being..."between cameras" if you will haha and you're inspiring me to develop!

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