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Friday, January 28, 2011

go big or go home

It's FRIIIIDAY! Thank GOD! Somehow this week was the longest ever and full of so much what happened to good old syllabus week professors?? Everyone I know, no matter what year they are, is positively swamped with readings. Not that any of that stopped us Dickinson kids for getting our party on. Seriously, the bars have been packed all week long and I, for one, don't hate it! Although, not going to lie, this never ending stream of snow is really putting a damper on my fun-o-meter. Apparently, my brother down in Maryland hasn't had school ALL outrageous is that??

I've had to resort to doing blackberry outfit pics since I still can't find my cable so sorry for the less than great quality.
tank- old navy; cardigan - theory; leggings - target; knee socks (you can't see them in the pic but they're grey) - target; boots - macys (i forget the brand)

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun? I just want to see as many people that I can fit in this weekend and have a good time dancing to some obnoxiously loud music


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