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Monday, January 31, 2011


Have you ever tried to "artfully" rip tights? You know, when you make them look all holey and full of runs the way all the cool kids on the block wear them? No? Well don't. Turns out that shit is waaaaay harder than it looks. I got a run in a pair of my black tights during class on Friday and instead of just throwing them out, I decided to use them to make myself a cool, urban, grungy, "I-wish-I had-her-outfit" type of outfit. It took my roommate and I literally 3 youtube videos and an intensive google search to get anything that even semi-resembled cool. At one point, I simply had to hand the (safety) scissors over to my roommate and allow her to do her thing. They were worth it by the end of the night even though everyone I saw Friday night had NO idea what to make of my outfit. I kept them to try the look again later but I can't imagine how I'm going to get back into those things....there are WAY too many holes at this point haha.

In other news, new Lonely Island video!


MaryBeth said...

ha ha! you could cut the leg off and make them an over the knee sock!

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