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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LISTen up

i love lists. Making lists, crossing things off lists, finishing lists, making lists of the things I need to make lists of...all of it. I'll admit I have a problem. But my love of lists makes me love making new year's resolutions. Honestly I don't care it I accomplish all of my resolutions but I like making them anyways. I would share them with you but you'd probably think they were boring so instead I'll just show you pictures of things I'm seriously craving r i g h t now.

New dark wash skinnies to replace the pair I ripped
when I tried to see how high I could kick...oops

Aviators. I have a serious sunglasses addiction.
I'll be honest...I actually already own this 
BUT I'm craving to wear it.
 I accidentally left it at school wah

I never even wear heels and these are 
completely impractical but I waaant them
I've been really feeling rings lately...nuff said

See? Much more interesting than listening to me talk about how I need to eat more breakfast and less ramen or whatever


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