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Thursday, March 10, 2011

wasabi wednesday

do you know what i absolutely l o v e? Food. I love food. I don't actually like making food most of the time though but that doesn't really matter since there's this little thing called a "restaurant" that does that for you. I'm going out for what was supposed to be a "big-little" dinner with me, my roommate, one of our friends from our pc and our respective littles but all of the little ones have work to do (sad, right?). Obviously, that didn't deter us seniors at all so we're still going out to eat at Mt. Fuji, the local Japanese restaurant. Nom nom nom. I can't wait. Best part? It's byob. Is there a better combination than wine and sushi? Because if there is, I haven't discovered it yet.
So yesterday was Fat Tuesday and it was surprisingly lackluster. Not that I really expected anything less, considering it is mid-terms week (no mid-terms for me though!), but people weren't even wearing beads around during the day. It was kind of sad actually.

Something else that's really sad....the fact that my sorority has taken such a different direction than when I joined it. I feel so bad for all of the sophomores (we rush and pledge as sophomores here) because they've never known the Kappa that I've knew. I feel like they've gotten such a limited view of what it means to be Kappa because so many chapter traditions have just kind of gone out of the that a weird thing to be upset about? I'm honestly not that into sorority life usually but I think I'm getting kind of sentimental about it since I'm on my way out.

Sorry that this post was kind of all over the place! I'm in a really loopy mood right now and it's definitely coming across as I'm writing haha


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

I read this and it made me reflect on my different experiences with KKG. I also joined my sophmore year but at one of the Canadian chapters and have a VASTLY different experience in my undergraduate years compared to some of my American sisters. Once I graduated I did graduate school in Texas and was able to join two night alumni groups. One was younger ladies and one was more older (but amazing) ladies too. I was there from when I was 23-27. I learned some new traditions and cherished some of my older traditions too. I also met one of my very best best friends there (who went to Auburn) and we have since travelled from Vegas to Cali to Thailand and Singapore. I just want to encourage you to stay involved because I have personally yielded tons of wonderful experiences from it all and much past my actual undergrad years. Maybe you can bring back some of the traditions to your chapter if you stay in the area (as an Alumni etc.) From one loyal Kappa to another. xo PS sorry for the totally long winded comment!

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