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Sunday, March 20, 2011

brain drain

Have you ever experienced that moment in time when you're tap-tap-tapping away at a paper all super furiously and you just can't stop because you're just so full of really good ideas and you could totally write for like 2 hours straight but you don't have to because you know that you're going to get your entire paper written in like the next one hour with so much extra time to spare but thennnn all of a sudden you get distracted by something so small and that's it. It's all gone. Every great idea you've ever had or ever will have is gone. Forever. Doesn't that moment suck? It just happened to me. Balls. Anybody want to write another 1000 words on the cultural and national forces that caused American musical theatre to become the shining institution it is today because I sure don't. Maybe going downstairs and eating some ice cream will re-trigger my insatiable need to put words on a page ...


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