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Saturday, March 19, 2011

really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree

I have decided that professors who assign large assignment to be turned in the day we return from Spring Break are just cruel and freaking sadistic. I thought (and any normal person would think the same) that my mid-term paper for Music in America (aka musicals) was due the second class meeting after break but NO. Got an email yesterday saying a hard-copy is due in class on Monday. I haven't even started this stupid paper and I've just been home all week. Can you imagine if  I was actually somewhere fun and I had to spend my valuable time in a hotel room typing away at a 3000 word paper instead of tanning on the beach and getting drunk? I would be highly upset, that's all I'm saying.

GORGEOUS weather in Baltimore today! I'm talking easily 70 degrees. Why can't the weather always be like that (or even nicer...I do love the upper 90s, not gonna lie). All I wanted to do was wear shorts or pretty dresses and wedges. You know, just perfect weather sorts of outfits with big sunglasses and sweet tea decidedly not optional.

Also, side note, my last sorority formal is coming up and I have absolutely nothing to wear to it! Formals at my school aren't as formally attired as some others I've heard of; it's more like cocktail attire. I usually err on the side of classy at them, mostly just because I like to get downnnnn on the dancefloor and that's hard to do with a dress that stops at my crotch, but I'm thinking that I can afford to be more scandalous at my last ever formal haha. I'll be spending my last day at home scouring stores for the perfect dress because there is absolutely nowhere to go shopping at school.

I kinda want to wear cowboy boots to that weird?
sorry i'm not sorry that i love my fryes


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