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Monday, March 21, 2011

2 skool 4 kool

Back at Dickinson! Hey holla holla hey! Too bad none of my housemates are coming back till tomorrow and I'm slowly going brain dead by myself. I just reorganized my closet into further subsections by arranging each clothing type by color...aren't I the funnest? Just kidding...I've actually been meaning to do that for a while. It doesn't matter how messy the rest of my room is, my closet will always be perfectly divided into its specific sections. Right now, it issss (from left to right) sweaters, button downs, skirts, dresses, cardigans, jackets and coats with jeans on the shelf above and t-shirts and tanks in their own respective drawers. Sorry I'm not sorry that I'm more than a little anal haha

I saw this during my daily blog browse and I kind of really wanted to do it. Enjoy!

guilty pleasure: sweet tea. and I mean sweeeeeet tea
candy bar: I'm not a fan of chocolate but I do like almond joys and take 5s
house plant: um I had one until today when my mom took it home. I don't know what it was but "dead" would be my best bet. I sucked at remembering to water that thing
nail polish color: right now I have one orly's lemonade with OPI Black Shatter over top of it. I. am. OBSESSED with black shatter. go buy it right now. It's so cool. It's a black top coat that makes your nail polish look at cool and crackle-y. I've gotten maaaad compliments on it.
midnight snack: popcorn!
drugstore essential: as of this week, dry shampoo. Have you ever tried that stuff? It's like heaven in a can.
weird habit: oh jeez. let's go with my closet organization...that's weird right?
pet peeve: i hate when people crinkle straw wrappers into little balls. it makes my eyeballs itch haha

Have a great weekend!


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