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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i'm bi-winning

okay okay i'm back! I know that I have been seriously neglecting my tiny segment of the blogosphere and I'm really sorry for that. Another thing that I'm not sorry for? Not doing that 30 day challenge anymore. It was kind of cramping my style so sorry I'm not sorry. I'm sure you guys will really miss it....not.

I honestly had more work last week than I've had all semester. To be fair, I didn't have THAT much comparatively but since I've had pretty much all 100 level courses senior year, I've kind of forgotten how to do real work. But not to worry, all that nonsense is done for a while. This is my last week of classes before Spring Break and I'm pumped! I don't actually have any plans except to sleep lots, eat more and catch up on my shows but really...what else does a girl need? Honestly, I've always wanted to do one of those stupid stereotypical spring breaks but I never actually got around to it so whatever haha.

I have been playing this song on REPEAT for the past two weeks. The video is super weird but I think I kind of like it....don't judge. (although those last 3 seconds are realllll can judge that part)

I promise that I'll be posting more often so don't hate me please!


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