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Monday, December 27, 2010


If we couldn't have a white Christmas, at least we could have a white Boxing Day! (Like what's the point of Boxing Day? I don't get it) It's been snowing practically all day and it looks so dark and creepy outside now. I took my dog out earlier and it was bitter cold out...days like these are what hulu and hot chocolate were invented for. Seriously. I don't really watch a lot of tv generally but I'm getting so antsy for new shows to start again. Only a few more days until the return of Greek and Archer and Pretty Little Liars. Oh and season 3 of Jersey Shore! CAN. NOT. WAIT. Winter break is boring me senseless right now even though I'm attempting to get through War and Peace for the third time. Such lofty goals...not. My friends and I have a weekend in nyc planned in a few weeks and I'm practically counting down the days.

ps- thoughts on duck boots? I need a pair of snow shoes and these are pretty cheap.


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