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Sunday, December 19, 2010

oh heyyy

so i decided to start a blog....that's what all the cool kids are doing right? new blog for a new year? i think yes. i think i'm going to have this be like part fashion, part stories of the ridiculousness that is my life but mostly me trying to figure out my way through the last semester of my senior year (ah!). for my first post, i figured i'd share a list of all the things i'm obsessed with RIGHT NOW:
     - leather jackets
     - my dog
     - catching up on the gossip girl episodes i've missed because of finals week
     - being DONE with finals week
     - that new google boutiques thing. i don't really get it but i still love it.
     - ankle booties
     - living up every second of senior year
     - this "its always sunny in Philadelphia" 2011 calender i just found online


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