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Monday, December 20, 2010

easy like sunday mornings

I've always known that I was a pack rat but today i realized just how bad my problem was. I was going through my bookshelves trying to decide what I could throw out when i came across one of my math notebooks from high school. Logic (haha math joke!) told me that I should throw it out considering I haven't taken a math class in literally 5 years but somehow I just couldn't make myself do it. Eventually, I realized just how ridiculous I was being and tossed it but still! SUCH a struggle.

I've been trying to come up with the perfect outfit for NYE. I know that it's completely cliche but I've really been  jonesing for a sequined mini-skirt lately...only problem is that since I'm so tall it's really hard to find short skirts that don't look scandalous. I'm obsessed with this one because it seems long enough for my legs but still super fun. LOVING the overlapping in the front. 
Too bad I can't actually justify the price tag...besides maybe I want something with a bit more color?


JMay said...

That skirt is so pretty & perfect for the Holidays!!

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