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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a real nail biter

Completely ruined my nails today by chomping them all the way down. I do so well for like a month, letting my nails grow and keeping them faaaar away from my teeth and then BAM next thing I know I've bitten like half of my nails down without even realizing it. And then I just have to bite the rest of them down to the same level because I can't have my nails at different lengths. When I was younger my mom seriously used to bribe me to not bite my nails...maybe I can get her to reinstate that? Between bouts of ruining my diy mani, I (drumroll pleaseeeeeeee) finished my first cover letter! Yay me! And it took me far less time than writing that stupid resume the other day. SO productive.

Remember when I said I was going to New York in a few weeks? Weeeell, now I'm not. I totally forgot that I have plans already that weekend. I'm going to a military ball for my dad with my roommate and both of our parental units. Kinda sad that I'm missing the revelry that is being 21 and unsupervised in the city but I already have a gorgeous dress to wear so it evens out in the end...or something. I'll take pictures of me at the ball so you can see it. I'm obsessed.


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