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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

don't get more than your hopes up

It's weird. I only started blogging like a little over a month ago and I already look forward so much to my next post. I hate that I don't get as much time now to write as I did when I was home but I'm glad that I'm finally busy again!

There are a few things that are a certainty in life at Dickinson College. You will eat in the caf on taco bar night, you will make fun of the folffers on Morgan Field, you will revel in the name DRINKinson, you will complain about the lack of cat-walk and on Mondays, you WILL be asked the ultimate question: "so how was your weekend?" I kind of hate that question. It's like when people say "Hey, how are you?" They don't really care but they just feel obligated to say it.

Recently friended someone on FaceBook and my wall announced to everyone that "Taylor and R are now friends after they both attended A's Birthday at Fast Eddie's." Como, say whaaaaat? HOW creepy is that? We were totally friends before we attended the same facebook event so why does facebook feel that need to claim that IT is the one to bring us together. Like, I love you facebook but sometimes you go too far.

tank - forever21; dolman sleeve top - vince; shorts - abercrombie & fitch; 
tights - HUE; boots - I forget; necklace - express


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