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Monday, February 21, 2011

it's like mixing apples and oranges

I had such an iiiiinteresting weekend...I still can't decide if I enjoyed it or not though. I did the usual weekend activities but it just seemed a little off this time. Whateva. I have gotten, oh I don't know, about ZERO percent of my schoolwork done this weekend. I just couldn't be a productive member of society if I tried right now. So instead of using Saturday afternoon to study for my upcoming test, I spent way too much time doing my nails.

Friday was absolutely GORGEOUS. 65 degrees in the middle of February? Why, yes please! I fully took advantage of the situation by wearing a skirt without tights for the first time in a really long time and I know that mixing patterns is like a really sensitive subject with people but I absolutely love doing it. On Friday, I successfully incorporated stripes and polka dots in a particularly aesthetically pleasing way if I do say so myself (hint: I do). The key is really keeping a consistent color scheme going on.

tank - charles nolan; skirt - j.crew; cardigan - theory; boots - frye

And in keeping with my 30 Day Photo Challenge, here's my picture for day numero dos. 
senior year of high school. don't judge.
Today's rule was to post a picture of you and the person that you've been closest with for the longest and this, my dear followers, is my best friend from high school. Given that I move around so much, I'm actually really terrible at keeping in touch with people and this is actually one of the few that I've ever actually succeeded with. We haven't actually gotten a chance to hang out together in years since he goes to school in Texas and I'm obviously in Maryland and Pennsylvania but we text each other pretty frequently so it's all good. Hi Bernard!


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