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Thursday, February 24, 2011

uno dos tres cuatro CINCO CINCO seis

It's day numero cinco of my 30 Day Photo Challenge and I'm supposed to post a picture of my most favoritest memory evah. Only one problem. How in the WORLD am I supposed to narrow down 21 years of my life into one single image? So in a way to get around that silly little rule, I am going to post a picture of the place my favorite memories have come from.

My college campus! Duh. It's almost impossible to pick one singular moment of my life that I could happily repeat forever but I know that I would happily redo the last few years here at school over and over again. I know that a lot of my classmates are over the tiny microcosm that is this school (we don't call it Dickinson High School for nothing) but I would probably happily do another year. 
 This is my favorite place on campus...Morgan Field. How collegiate does this look?
Perfect for laying out on nice days or snowball fights or just hanging out.
L O V E.


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