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Thursday, February 10, 2011

it is better to have raged and lost than to have never raged at all. tfm.

It's just going to be one of those weeks...I can tell. One of those weeks where even though nothing is technically wrong, the whole thing just feels a little bit off. Is there a cure for those kinds of weeks yet because if so, holla at yo gurlllll. I've been trying to change the mood of the week byyyyy
  • painting my nails a super BRIGHT color

not my hands but pretty much the same polish color
  • making soup from scratch
also not my actual soup. you know this because i have prettier bowls
  • wearing super dressy outfits

on mondays, we wear black
  • wearing super NOT dressy outfits

please notice that both my dressy and not dressy outfits showcase serious black.

  • watching laser light shows at my friends' place (having dj friends is fun!)

finally...actually our laser shows
  • eating suuuuuper sour apples
  • and my favorite....spending way too much time on my new favorite website, Total Frat Move

Seriously though. I DIE for TFM (as insider's call it). Read it! Although warning do not read it if you are a sensitive, easily offended boring person (just're not boring). This website has a very specific audience so keep that in mind! warning over I personally don't think the TSMs on the site are as funny as the TFMs but they're still definitely true....I def have some girls like that in my sorority. Sad but true.

At this rate, the week will be over before I know it!


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