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Thursday, February 3, 2011

deep in the heart of texas

OH EM GEE! Two of my most favoritest things in the entire world are being combined into one twelve bottles of awesome-ness and amazing-ness and any other a(blank)-ness words that I am currently forgetting.

Texas + OPI nail polish = happy happy joy joy

Okay so it might be a litttttttle bit strange to be so excited for nail polish but I literally think nail polish might be my favorite beauty product ever (next to foundation but does that really count?). I own way too many bottles and get such a kick out of painting my fingers and toes in pretty, not typical colors. PLUS, I just love Texas. I went to Killeen High School (home of the fighting kangaroos! yes, my mascot was the kangaroo.) in Central Texas and I can honestly say that everything is bigger in Texas...especially the high school football...but I digress.

I'm really loving Suzi Loves Cowboys because who doesn't I've been looking for a nice chocolately brown color forever. What are your favorites?


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