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Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Vino Veritas

I have already discovered my favorite thing about living in Italy. They have these little bitty shops that only sell wine by the liter. And I don’t mean just boring bottles of wine, these places literally have HUGE metal vats lining all the walls with a different type of wine in each one. It kind of looks like a gas station for super small cars, that’s how big the vats are. You can bring any sort of canister or container and they’ll fill it up for you right from the vats on the wall. I actually brought an empty 2 gallon bottle of apple juice there the other day and they filled it up for €3. And if you don’t have your own container, no worries. You can just buy one there in pretty much any size you want. And I do mean any size; I’ve seen things that were like keg sized. Literal casks of wine. It’s like heaven. Only problem (and it’s not even a real problem) is that the bottles actually cost more than the wine. A reusable one liter bottle to fill with wine was €2 and the wine it was filled with was only €1. I’ve actually never really liked wine but Italy has managed to change my mind in less than 3 weeks.

Something I was really surprised to learn: Italy’s legal BAC to drive is actually almost of America’s (.04 and .08, respectively)


sGe said...

If I lived in Italy, I honestly believe I would drink wine with every meal. My parents are planning a trip to Italy in June of 2012 for their twenty-fifth anniversary and I'm so jealous. I love reading about all your adventures you're having in Italy. It sounds like this will such a fun, adventurous year for you!

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