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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday Gurl

 It's hard to believe that I'll be twenty-freaking-two in less than a month (27 days but who's counting?). Not that I'm biased or anything but I totally believe that August is the best month to have a birthday. It's perfectly balanced between all major present recieving holidays, after all. I would hate to have a birthday in like December, close to Hanukkah or Christmas or something because I bet people would pick just one of those holidays to observe and that's just not fun. Plus, August is the one month that is lacking in national and federal holidays so my birthday fully gives people something to celebrate...right? These are the things on the top of my birthday wish list

A new wallet and this one is perfect to hold my euros
A DSLR camera like this Canon Rebel

Plane ticket to Copenhagen and a hotel room for when I go to Sensation in Denmark

Apparently in Italy, when going out for a birthday dinner, the birthday girl (or guy) is the one bringing little gifts for their friends. What sort of goodies would you guys want?


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