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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

relax-ie in a maxi

...terrrrrible rhyme. I know.

I went to the mall today with a MISSION and it was totally successful! I FINALLY bought the perfect maxi skirt! Do you ever get this image in your head of the perfect article of clothing and you know that you simply need to have it but you can't find it anywhere? Well I found mine! I wanted a skirt long enough to actually reach my feet which can be hard to find since I'm so tall (five eleven wuddup!) in a solid color. I also wanted it to be straight down without any of the ruffly stuff found on most maxi skirts...I'm not trying to do that "Little House in the Prairie" look, thanks but no thanks. The skirt has a fold over waist so it can even double as a dress! Best part: it was on sale for $17! I found it in the last store I went into at the mall today, Old Navy! Probably the first time I've bought something from Old Navy in a few years but I totally dig it...I might have to go back and look around sometime when I actually have time to linger.


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