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Friday, July 8, 2011

Empty House Echo

So sorry for the long absence! I hate that I haven’t been able to post for the past 2 weeks and hate even more that my posting will continue to be iffy until the end of July. By then I should be settled in Italy and everything and I have no doubt that I’ll have about a bajillion pics to share of my first few days in the European paradise that is soon to be home haha. Okay so I am officially moved out of my house in Maryland as of today. Anybody who’s moved will be able to tell you in DEEEEETAIL about how much the process of having to pack up everything in your house sucks. Now imagine having to do this every three to four years. As any military kid can tell you, you have your super great, efficient packers and the ones who take 3 hours to pack a linen closet. Guess which ca my family had? I swear I have never experienced such slow movers in any of my previous seven moves. It was like torture. But I’m just glad that everything is safely stowed in boxes and on its way across the Atlantic.

In other news, I cut my hair! Right now it’s the shortest my hair has ever been and it definitely going to take some getting used to. I basically live my life in ponytails (blame the cheerleader in me) and now it’s too short to put up in a respectable ponytail! I mean I still have a little nub if I try to put it up but it’s not exactly attractive haha. I decided that my new post-grad life in a new country on a new continent demanded a new hairstyle. What do you guys think of it? (note: excuse the shoddy photo quality. I’ve had this computer for over a year and a half and this might be the first time I’ve used the camera for anything more than skyping)
oh hey there generic hotel room print...


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